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A good used boiler is hard to find…

Around five years ago, the tough economy was to blame for many plant closings which ultimately led to a considerable surplus in used boiler inventory. With the economic recovery in recent years, new plants and plant expansions have seen a high demand and resulting depletion of this once plentiful equipment stock. And just like supply and demand always predicts – used industrial steam boilers and hot water heaters are becoming more expensive to purchase.

What does it all mean?

For one, those in the market for used boilers and equipment need to be prepared to act fast and commit when equipment is available. It’s fairly common for listed inventory to receive multiple quote requests in a short amount of time – especially on more common sizes and operating pressures. Taking too long to make a purchasing decision will most likely guarantee the boiler you want will belong to someone else instead.
One the other hand, with used boiler pricing moving beyond 60% of the purchase price for new equipment, it pays to take a serious look at new equipment – with longer standard warranties, latest technologies and available parts. Keep in mind, however, that the lead time on new equipment can take from 10-12 weeks.

Either way, do your homework to make sure the used boilers you find are fully refurbished to manufacturer’s specs by a reputable company.  If you find the right fit, a used boiler under the right restorative care can deliver long service life at a reasonable price.


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